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Virtual mailbox service is the best solution for house appliances repair masters. Digital mailbox is a service which allows you to receive your postal mail online, deposit check payments, forward your mail and packages, and to work remotely. It’s the easiest and smartest way to manage all your postal mail.

Today the majority of people started to realize the importance of being flexible with their work. In 2020 virtual mailbox service becoming a necessity for frequent travelers, digital nomads, expats, startups, and small businesses. Usually household appliances repair masters prefer to be self-employed and to work remotely as well. But in order to do that they also have to rent an office in the city which can be very expensive.

They need an office so they can get a physical address for different purposes. For example, if you are a house repair master most likely you will need to receive different document and payment checks, also you will need to register your address in different catalogues and social media in order to find more customers.

Some repair technicians register their real living address as an office but it’s always better not to expose your home address and to protect your privacy. Virtual mailbox service is a great idea for small businesses and startups that need an actual street address in order to hide and secure their home address. Also having virtual offices address in the city and in a prestigious area gives business a more professional and trustworthy look.

Once you set up an account with digital mailbox you will be able to use this for everything where your address is available and viewable for public. This service is not only useful for household appliances repair technicians but for all repair masters even including plumbers.

Digital mailbox service offers a lot of modern features added to the account. For example, open&scan service, mail and packages forwarding, package consolidation, check deposits, etc.  Most of the times they provide you with an actual street address which you can use everywhere: on your website, documents, business card, etc.

With virtual mailbox account you can run your business from anywhere in the world and have your letters and bills just one click away. Sign up for an account to simplify your life and get a real street address.


Type of service Price
Dishwasherfrom $120
Gas Grillfrom $120
Stovetopfrom $150
Dryerfrom $80
Washerfrom $80
Microwavefrom $40
Fridgefrom $80
Snow Blowerfrom $160
Riding Mowerfrom $200
HVAC Systemfrom $250
  • Helena

    This is the third workshop that I went to and finally had my refrigerator repaired. The master is experienced and intelligent, quickly arrived on call and made repairs to the fridge, which did not freeze the freezer. The cause of the breakage was explained in detail. Prices are low, I compared them with other workshops. Thank you, the fridge works perfectly!

  • Kevin

    Very experienced craftsmen and well-adjusted service! Called the master of the electric hob … an hour later arrived and repaired in an hour and a half … the master was an expert in his business and punctual.

  • LeBron

    The washing machine started knocking, rattling. Called here, eventually took the machine, it turned out that the bearings need to be changed, and the price pleased, thought repair as the price of a new washing machine will be, but it all cost cheaper, cheaper to repair than to buy a new one and the warranty gave