Wine Cooler & Wine Refrigerator Repair

Wine coolers—also referred to as wine refrigerators—chill wine to optimum storage and serving temperatures while controlling humidity. They keep wine between 45 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. A broken or poorly functioning wine refrigerator can make for a lackluster wine-drinking experience. Get your wine cooler repaired fast so you can get back to entertaining! Mr. Appliance® offers top-notch wine fridge repair and routine maintenance.

Schedule your appointment for wine refrigerator repair, and you’ll soon enjoy your chilled wine again.

We Service a Variety of Wine Coolers

Our experts work on a comprehensive range of wine coolers. We offer wine chiller repair and service on units that are:

  • Compressor-based
  • Thermoelectric
  • Single zone
  • Dual-zone
  • Built-in

Brands we commonly service include Everstar, Caple, Vino Veritas, Vissani, and Cuisinart.

Common Wine Cooler Issues We Repair

If valuable bottle investments are at stake, speedy wine cooler/refrigerator repairs are key. When you trust us for the task, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to make sure your appliance is running smoothly again quickly.

If you run into any of the following issues, or another problem, we’re here to help:

  1. The wine cooler won't turn on. There could be a variety of reasons for this. Make sure you check for faulty fuses, tripped breakers, and loosened power cords. If it isn’t a power issue, our experts will find the real problem.
  2. The wine cooler isn't cooling. Depending on the model, this could be due to thermostat problems, condenser or compressor issues, or evaporator fan motor damage.
  3. The wine cooler is leaking water. Compressor models may leak water if the door has been left open, door seals are defective or dirty, or a drain hose is plugged. We offer wine cooler compressor repair to fix this issue.
  4. The wine cooler is making noise. Some popping and cracking noise is normal, due to temperature changes. If there are vibrating noises, make sure the cooler is level. If you hear the appliance grinding or squealing, call for service.
  5. The door does not close properly. Ensure that the surface is level. If it is and the problem persists, check for dirty door gaskets or improperly positioned shelves.

Wine Cooler Parts We Replace

Mr. Appliance can source and replace any wine cooler part, including:

  • Thermostats
  • Door seals
  • Fans
  • Fan motors
  • Condensers
  • Compressors
  • Evaporators
  • Valves
  • Solenoids
  • Cooling nodes
  • Peltier units

Wine Cooler Repair Near Me

From wine cooler circuit board repair to broken parts replacements, Mr. Appliance is ready to get your cooler running again. Schedule online today or call for the fast, reliable repair service that Mr. Appliance is known for. We understand that a broken wine cooler is an inconvenience in your busy life, and we want to fix it as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset a wine cooler?

The most foolproof way to reset a wine cooler is to unplug it and leave it for about 45 minutes to an hour before plugging it back in. Some models may also be reset by pressing and holding the power button for five to ten seconds.

How cold should a wine cooler be?

White wine should be kept between 45°F and 50°F. Keep red wine between 50°F and 65°F. If you’re storing more than one type of wine in your cooler, set your temp to about 55°F, an ideal storage setting for most varietals. Just remember to serve your wine at the recommended temperature!

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